Few ideas for Valentine day

For Valentine’s Day we need all ideas we can put our hands on… or rather what we imagine … or for some of us what we found to be great idea on the net…  I would always use a lots of balloons… they always look festive… and the colors here are perfect they do not have to be red…. another idea from this one is put at the end of balloons the pictures of the couple whatever and wherever you were doing… like going through last year in pictures.. love evolving…_LT5BbHjwWaZ-1Tfr3xWOKP5TEc

then you can make easily candles with the heats just cut out hearts from any red paper and glue them to the candle0XtmxtGHTkNLScE4Hr-otNzpEJZ

or just take piece of a paper and make the cut outs like the one below, put inside the candle in the glass so it won’t touch directly the paper…3oQ8r0lklfAL2RtXDUYzAm--a6k

another more complicated one is to buy a glass containers like the one here and just decoupage pictures of you as a couple on the outside….b5hd9zRPjlFvHoUzM8axyIWspHR

next idea is really easy buy Rubick cube any kind… make sure you have 6 pictures of you guys , to cover every wall and cut them to the size of the cube… he might not put it together after few moves on it, but at least he/she will remember the thought put into this one…bgRSkDW9vbQlXhFX--DBVcydamo

now you can make those chocolates  with labels on them saying things we want, it is easy peasy as the onewho shows how to make them says…  press HERE for ALLISON IDEAcandybars_fast-break

How about using sticky notes and making heart shape with pictures and telling on those how much we love and whyeCEme5v0lrWDa1hwJnX1edXGw9o

and this one is another Allison creation love this one, you can make any kind of scratches with this… PRESS HERE for the idea how to make scratches…


I think any pictures in shape of heart even over the bed will do it… and it is easy to do thatncAFjDd7AtBeWP-kGaWfLHRYoMc

another idea is to make a True love tree…. you can probably find those pins with hearts anywhere before Valentine… and few twigs and voila…QZ3sUragtkDfnpk7yVWYINpF0No

flower petals on the bed it’s the oldest trick in the book, I am all for it if they are REAL, but if they are fake oh well not so neat and classy… and on top you need to put some effort and make something out of it for example like here a heart, or a sing I LOVE YOU or anything your imagination desire…RkiL0_Tl3g0nBRhKpM8m1_XosFV

when I found this map looking heart I must say it might not be the prettiest picture but it covers really well the thought and feelings behind it… love it…R-q7omHccKNLY-tzKLteL9Mf-pZ

then easy way you can make nowadays this piece of a puzzle … it can have picture on it too… or just symbolic saying like this one…X2tOcm6FD_H4xaEWmoxRSW1jCh7

and this sign put on anything will have a story on its own because there is no the same love anywhere in the world, but a specific one for you and your love one…xepVMaieRaZ0tsOHP2nMiWVXpK7

then the deck of the cards with 52 reasons as why you love the person… very easy to do and it could have more or smaller amount of reason, just glue onto the cards paper clips with why you love the person, or just put anything on them to say what you want… you can hooked all the card with punching the hole in it and tied with the beautiful bow…zBPiqmJpMIB5btt6-k6MVTniz4N

few of the signs like this one instead of pictures around the room jdddtr

or just do it this way :)jgffd

I hope I started your thoughts on how to celebrate at least part of the evening… but to tell you the truth I prefer when people show love every day not only on that one special Day…. so one of those days I will put ideas for normal days to keep love going… instead of showing it like show and tell on one day… and the best idea for Valentine is to get engaged

if you want to se emore of my ideas please visit here PRESS IT


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